My dog isn’t a puppy, can’t they hold it all day?

Exercise and/or a relief break are important for dogs of all ages. Walking helps maintain a healthy body weight as well as prevent your dog building up stress of too much pent up energy. A potty relief break, fresh air, and even a short walk may lead to a better quality of life with fewer health issues.

Why shouldn’t I use a neighbor, friend, or boarding facility?

You certainly can – if you have a neighbor or friend who is willing. With me, you’re getting an insured professional that’ll care for your dog like it’s my own. I talk to and play with your pet(s) and go the extra mile like clean out food bowls, wipe down counters, bring in mail/packages, and pick up the yard… You may also board your pet, but I think your dog likes the familiarity of their home and to sleep in his/her own bed!

My dog plays in the yard – is that enough?

For potty relief breaks, yes it is. Hopefully they are getting walks at other times. Walking your dog a few times a week improves your dog’s energy, health, body fat, behavior and attitude. Like humans, a dog needs exercise about 15+ minutes a day.

My dog isn’t active – why let out during the day?

This may be why your dog isn’t active – he/she may need to get off the couch more! Often a walk gets everything moving in your dog. Also, they may not be drinking water during the day because they know it’ll be hours before you return home.

My dog is old, why would he/she need this?

Exercise is very important for your mature dog. Walking helps maintain a healthy body weight as well as improve your dog’s attitude and happiness. Exercise will lead to a better quality of life and perhaps a longer life.