Cosmo & Rudy

Karen Caprino & Mark Burg

“For many years, my father lived with us so we had a built in sitter! After he passed we started boarding our boys, Cosmo and Rudy. Unfortunately over the past 4 years they picked up many bad habits. So when we learned about Sheryl, we thought we’d give her a try! It was like having that special family member again taking care of our boys! Sheryl goes the extra mile! She is dependable and trustworthy in checking in on them, walking them, protecting our home with our alarm system, and simply loving them. It was so reassuring while we were out of town for 9 days to get so many detailed updates including fabulous photos! We’ve already had her back, and have her booked down the road. We are back to having peace of mind while we travel.” Mark adds, “Sheryl was the best. She loved our dogs and they loved her. We’re just concerned the dogs might not want us back!”